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Eden With Attitude 


‘Eden With Attitude’ follows our ‘Hands of God’ and ‘Mischievous’ collections. These collections are the Brownitude perspective of human evolution through the lens of the three main religions of the world. The ethos of ‘Eden With Attitude’ is that originally, earth had an attitude. The generations of damage done to earth by humans is reimagined in Eden With Attitude: The original attitude of animals and nature is equal to that of humans, portraying a picture of how life would look if humans truly valued the earth. This concept was imagined, created and designed by the three sons of one of the founders of Brownitude, aged 13, 9 and 5 years old.

The boys behind the ‘Eden With Attitude’ concept have asked us to make donations to wildlife protection organisations. We plan to make three animal adoptions - one for each of the boys - through the Born Free animal adoption programme.    

Denim Jacket
  • Product Details

    Non-stretch denim

    Functional pockets

    unisex  style Relaxed fit, women may prefer to size down

    Spread collar


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