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Carnival. With. Attitude croptop Frontline

Carnival. With. Attitude croptop Frontline


The Brownitude Carnival range has dropped!


Once again, we have collaborated with the talented La Femme Cheri to create a unique, vibrant, limited-edition range of crop tops that perfectly complement the energy, excitement, and sensuality of the global carnival scene.


Embracing the rich and diverse cultures of carnival, this collection pays tribute to the soca scene as a thank you to everyone who has joined Brownitude on our carnival adventures since we first launched in 2011 at Notting Hill Carnival.  In particular, this collection pays homage to Caribbean Love, our favorite mas band in Europe, who bring pure love, fun, and vibes on the road.

This Brownitude x La Femme Cheri collaboration embodies global feminine power and beauty


Carnival with Attitude
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