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Brownitude started with YouTube. Whilst living in their native Paris, the founders of Brownitude created short vlogs to share with the world their perspective on music, culture, art, comedy and sport. Interest in their YouTube channel grew into merchandise and Brownitude was born. 


What is Brownitude? 

Brownitude is an attitude: Brown + Attitude = Brownitude. 


There is no right or wrong Brownitude. It is your individual self expression, freedom of speech, fun, eccentricity, knowing your self-worth and recognising the worth of others around you. Brownitude is for everyone. No one is excluded from having Brownitude. 


From Madagascar to Martinique; from London to Paris; from Holland to Germany. From South Africa to Canada; from New York to New Mexico, Brownitude’s welcome extends globally. 


If this is Brownitude, and it speaks to you, then you already have Brownitude.


The World Through The Eyes of Brownitude       

Brownitude has evolved through the creativity and fresh perspective of the three sons of one of the founders. Aged 13, 9 and 5 years old, these three boys have created Brownitude designs and concepts, including the ‘Eden With Attitude’ jackets. The concept of the animals around the Brownitude logo came from the boys, and the tagline, “originally earth had an attitude” was how they explained their concept.

The Future of Brownitude

Giving our children input on our designs is proof of Brownitude in action: Freedom of self expression; knowing your self-worth and recognising the worth of others around you. We believe giving children confidence in their creativity, and bringing their vision into reality gives them a sense of self-worth that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.




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